I’m so tired. So. Tired.

I have a lot of pending blogs nao: Nail Polish Collection, iPhone vs Blackberry, Bazaar at Intercon, and my “What’s in your purse” blog tag. Pbfft.

This morning we went to S&R to pick up the gifts for our clients. We had breakfast first because we didn’t eat at home. Forever Ceasar Salad and Clam Chowder. I love their Clam Chowder and their Ceasar dressing is yummey.

So we picked these up:

I really want that food package. Mom Y U NO GIVE ME ONE? We also bought liquor for all the male clients.

Actually some are for the heads of each company and some are for our own security officers.

So, we went to SM after that. We picked up more gifts for clients and for our employees. We had it gift wrapped last week.

Only one guy brought all that downstairs because the other guy didn’t want to help, like a boss. WTF right? Of course, when the guy pushed it downwards, some of the gifts fell and my mom got mad because duh, those are glass trays and more glass shiz. Mom didn’t give a tip because it fell like three times.

Now I’m at the office, blogging like a boss, while eating my favorite MALUNGGAY SHING-A-LING. Lewlz.

We got it from the Bazaar yesterday. Yeh. Oh, and my job this week will be writing on all the cards for these (150+) gifts. Fun work is fun. And recording bills and checking deposit slips.

Later, we’ll be picking up something and tomorrow we’re all gonna watch Happy Feet 2 with my boyfriend. I don’t consider it as a rest day because for me a rest day = sleeping all day. Until next time! Will be drafting my “What’s in my purse” blog like, right now.

11.29.11. b,p,assiduous,

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